forest afterwork

Have not been updating my blog for a while. Sorry! April is busy in many ways. But now finally the lambing is over, the food for the cows and sheep is at its end and today we finally let them all out which is a happy day for both them and us. Will put out pictures tomorrow hopefully :)

Here are pictures of Toyota who was here for a conference and had some afterwork up in the hermitage. Just after we were serving some snacks and birchsap champagne the sky darkened and there came some heavy rain…
Love that black picture.
Or – how often do you stand in the forest, with an umbrella and a glass of champagne in the pouring rain…

Coltsfoot is about the first thing I gather in the early spring. It makes me happy with its bright sunny flowers. These my daughter picked for me and it will be used for a tea mixture with lots of different flowers and herbs that will bring back the feeling of warmth and summer next winter.

Om Ulrika

Here you can follow what happens along the road. From daily life on our farm to exhibitions, own and related projects… Things that might inspire … Welcome
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  1. frost* skriver:

    Wow. What an amazing place you have there! I just found Urnatur through Ecohotels and I’m speechless. Does that kind of place really exist?! I live in Finland so the nature itself is very similar, but the way you have blended in is amazing. I wish I could come and stay one day!


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