moskito – birch booze

Our own creation: moskito!
birch sirup and birch leaves in alcohol, tonic and mineral water, some ice cubes would have been nice – but difficult to keep them up here in the forest…
You can get used to moskito – I promise :)

Gin Tonic once arose as the kitin in the Tonic was needed against malaria. On its own it was far too bitter- but with the Gin it got a pleasant drink…
The Gin gets its flavor from the juniper berries.
Well, this is made from the birch instead. And I have no idea if it is useful against mosquitos – but if you drink a lot you might not be bothered (or aware) of them any longer…

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  1. Vanja skriver:

    :D Bra beskrivning på hur man blir av med myggplågan :) Det ser rätt gott ut också!


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