art show & udder inflammation

view from our house

Morning view down from our house, Lily and Lilian with their calves are grazing in the early dawn…
Today was supposed to be our first calm day since a veeeery long time – I was looking forward to this free day so much. Just to find out after breakfast that one of the cows got an udder inflammation. So the veterinary was here and now I have to milk out her to the last drop several times a day. There went my free day.

Last four days we had the yearly big art show ”konst runt omberg”.
Very busy!
Siri and Tula, Siris friend Lisa, Zachary and Amber from California and Emma was the happy team running the tincastle café serving wild garlic soup and lots of home baked cakes, birch sap…
Håkan was up in the hermitage and demonstrated how he was building the traditional fences, called gärdesgård. I was up in the shop and studio of course…
I think we had at least app. 2000 visiting guests during these for days!

the crew

carrot cake with daisies

water carpet, handknotted with wool and art silk

Om Ulrika

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