firemaking & barkbread

After the crayfish dinner our guests from Holmen need to get a cup of coffee. But: They are not allowed to use anything else but wooden sticks. No matches, no lighter…
See if they can do it?!

Looks like great teamwork here.
We need to get a fire going before sunset …

Holmen has to get a fire going before sunsetIt is quickly getting darker and darker…

Tree for firemaking and food. We use the inner bark of pinus sylvestris for a delicious bark bread to go with the coffee. Someone here seems to have a good hand with baking and is preparing the dough and the chapatis. Looks perfect.

Finally pitch black and so is the coffee  :)

Om Ulrika

Here you can follow what happens along the road. From daily life on our farm to exhibitions, own and related projects… Things that might inspire … Welcome
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