inspired by Sjögetorp

Exactly one year ago Ute Schäfer and her son Leon from Berlin visited us at Urnatur. Ute makes the most exquisite pearls! She got very inspired by the nature and our surroundings – and here you can see one of the results:
a blueberry necklace made in glass.
Have to attach a picture of real blueberries I found among my pics so you can see how well she succeeded. It is a be happy necklace :)

Here is the link to her page

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Finally great weather for drying hey!
Tula is a great help!

…from the garden!Have a look at Urnatur on facebook as well for more pictures!

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summer and sun captured

…start collecting wild herbs in early spring and in the end of the summer you have a wonderful tea that keeps you happy all winter.
Some of the herbs are medicinal and should not be drunk by itself under a longer period, but this great mixture you can drink as a daily tea.

The herbs I used here are flowers of Hypericum perforatum, Primula officinalis, Viola tricolor, Tilia cordata, Filipendula ulmaria, Tussilago farfara, Thymus, Pulmonaria obscura, Alchemilla vulgaris, Bellis perennis, petals of any Rosa, Calendula officinalis and leaves of Melissa officinalis, Mentha, Urtica dioica and Galium odoratum.

Both healthy, tasty and beautiful to look at. We will have it down at the tincastle for our guests to try.

Right now Håkan and Tula are taking in hay from the meadows. Perfect drying weather: blue sky and a strong wind…

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Urnatur destination in ”Once in a Lifetime”

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read more/or order here:

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wild Berber Whiskey a la Urnatur

wild mint – why not make a Swedish ”Berber Whiskey”?
Mix green tea with plenty of fresh wild mint. Sweeten it if you want with raw sugar…


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fermented weeds

If you have an old garden most things in the lawn and among the weeds in your vegetable garden are probably edible…
Also many of them are in fact medicinal herbs as well as great vegetables – like the dandelions and nettles …

So: Depending on where you live…Now might be the perfect time to pick them, dry them, parboil and freeze them, cook them, fry them – have them in pies, soups, salads, pesto – or ferment them like we do here…
Here the best time is actually over already for many herbs. But season for foraging is not over yet! Just changing to other herbs, flowers, berries…

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art show & udder inflammation

view from our house

Morning view down from our house, Lily and Lilian with their calves are grazing in the early dawn…
Today was supposed to be our first calm day since a veeeery long time – I was looking forward to this free day so much. Just to find out after breakfast that one of the cows got an udder inflammation. So the veterinary was here and now I have to milk out her to the last drop several times a day. There went my free day.

Last four days we had the yearly big art show ”konst runt omberg”.
Very busy!
Siri and Tula, Siris friend Lisa, Zachary and Amber from California and Emma was the happy team running the tincastle café serving wild garlic soup and lots of home baked cakes, birch sap…
Håkan was up in the hermitage and demonstrated how he was building the traditional fences, called gärdesgård. I was up in the shop and studio of course…
I think we had at least app. 2000 visiting guests during these for days!

the crew

carrot cake with daisies

water carpet, handknotted with wool and art silk

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moskito – birch booze

Our own creation: moskito!
birch sirup and birch leaves in alcohol, tonic and mineral water, some ice cubes would have been nice – but difficult to keep them up here in the forest…
You can get used to moskito – I promise :)

Gin Tonic once arose as the kitin in the Tonic was needed against malaria. On its own it was far too bitter- but with the Gin it got a pleasant drink…
The Gin gets its flavor from the juniper berries.
Well, this is made from the birch instead. And I have no idea if it is useful against mosquitos – but if you drink a lot you might not be bothered (or aware) of them any longer…

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Skutt means ”bounce” and is the name of one of our calves. The other calf is a little lady called Bonny.
Skutt bounced around the first thing he did when he was born (that is why he is called Skutt)- but got really bad after some hours and was close to die. He got drip-feed, got antibiotics and vitamins, we had to milk his mum and bottlefeed him as he was to weak. But he finally recovered and now is the strongest healthiest little bull calf again :)
When we let them out yesterday he was running back and forwards through the pasture non stop – pure happiness, energy and freedom. Here he is in action:

PS: Just read it is not happiness but stress that makes them bounce around when you let them out. What a strange statement I must say!!!
They should come here and look at the lambs and calves playing around – just having so much fun!

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forest afterwork

Have not been updating my blog for a while. Sorry! April is busy in many ways. But now finally the lambing is over, the food for the cows and sheep is at its end and today we finally let them all out which is a happy day for both them and us. Will put out pictures tomorrow hopefully :)

Here are pictures of Toyota who was here for a conference and had some afterwork up in the hermitage. Just after we were serving some snacks and birchsap champagne the sky darkened and there came some heavy rain…
Love that black picture.
Or – how often do you stand in the forest, with an umbrella and a glass of champagne in the pouring rain…

Coltsfoot is about the first thing I gather in the early spring. It makes me happy with its bright sunny flowers. These my daughter picked for me and it will be used for a tea mixture with lots of different flowers and herbs that will bring back the feeling of warmth and summer next winter.

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